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Staff Events, Team Building, Client Events, Christmas Functions New Zealand

erewards events can be challenging, fun, relaxing or a mix of these. Events we offer range from an Amazing Race to a chartered fishing trip or take a boat cruise around the harbour while enjoying a meal! No two events are the same, they are all customised to meet individual client needs. Talk to us about the outcome you want to achieve and we will assist you to design an event to meet your requirements.

Information on this site will give you some ideas to get you thinking about options for your next function, but do not feel constrained by this as we are very able at creating an event from scratch that has never been done before.

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Staff Events
Staff activities provide an opportunity for people to get to know each other better in a relaxed environment. The benefit for your business is that it shows staff that you appreciate their efforts. Research shows that happy staff perform better, feel part of the work community and provide better service to customers. Recent research has shown that staff of New Zealand businesses are increasingly looking for "fun" as an element of their workplace and a motivator of their loyalty and performance. Happy staff means better staff retention and higher productivity... more

Team Building
Team Building provides an opportunity to build relationships and team spirit in your business. Team building events provide opportunities for people to be brought together in different groups to that they normally work in, and to get to know other staff who they might work with through electronic communications but not actually meet in person... more

Client Events
Client Activities provide an opportunity to build client relationships in a social or fun context. These events are great for providing an extra edge to your sales staff in how they deal with clients. In their most simple form, client events can be a simple forum to say thanks to clients who have been loyal to your business, but who aren't often thanked for their ongoing support. Client functions provide an opportunity to increase knowledge of your clients' business and increased understanding of business opportunities. Client events can also be used to introduce potential clients to your business and gain an understanding of their needs. Client events provide an informal venue for networking and obtaining referrals... more

Christmas Functions
New Zealand Christmas events are a great way to finish off the year. Christmas functions offer an opportunity to get all your staff together and show them your appreciation for all their hard work during the year - from quad bikes to a night at the theatre... more

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Why is erewards the perfect provider for these events?
We offer a great range of activities that can be run as staff activities, client events and team building activities in Auckland and other main centres around New Zealand. Our events are priced competitively and we take the responsibility of making them work to meet your requirements.

Whilst some events appear to be "off the shelf" solutions, there is always an element of customisation for any event so that it meets your needs. In every case we will spend some time to get an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and then to develop a custom designed solution that will achieve the goals you want for your business.

erewards is small enough to provide you with a personal service, but has the skills and experience to deal with the requirements of ongoing programmes of events. We have a strong focus on quality that has led to the success of the business and strong growth since we launched in 2000.

Call us to discuss what you want to achieve. 0800 200 204, or click here to email us.

We try to keep our pricing as up to date as possible. The rates shown are an indication and were correct at time of upload. Please contact us for a firm quote.


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